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Chef-Grade End Grain Cutting Board - "Red Gum"

Our end grain cutting boards are designed for every day use and can easily last a lifetime of heavy cutting with the proper care. Unlike face grain cutting boards which have a flat grain orientation, vertically oriented end grain boards are virtually scratch resistant! Don't let the aesthetics and exquisite workmanship fool you. This board was specifically made with durability in mind! 

This end grain board was handcrafted from a wide variety of domestic and exotic wood species handpicked for their high densities and character. Maple, walnut, cherry, red gum, wenge, purpleheart, yellowheart, goncalo alves, and padauk make up this intricately crafted cutting board. Routed handles lie on both sides for easy pick up.

Dimensions: 17" x 11"" x 1.5"

What exactly is an end grain cutting board?

End grain cutting boards are constructed with vertically oriented grain fibers. Picture a tree trunk with the top as a cutting surface. If you look closely at this board you'll actually see the tree rings in each of the wood species! When cutting on an end grain board, the vertically oriented wood fibers split apart and return to their original position much like cutting into the bristles of a toothbrush. This is what makes these boards more scratch resistant than face grain cutting boards which have horizontally oriented grain fibers. These boards also help keep your knives sharp so be ready to break out your best cutlery for some sweet cutting action.

What sets our boards apart from the competition?

Our years of experience and high attention to detail; the use of a variety of premium wood species which are meticulously sourced for ideal grain orientation (quarter sawn/rift sawn over flat sawn) to prevent wood movement, and our ability to custom engrave any of our products with text, a logo, or even a photo of your choosing! Each board undergoes a thorough sanding/finishing/QC process which often times takes just as long as it does to construct the raw board. Our experience and proven track record in producing high quality cutting boards is why Dattaray Lane (formerly San Diego Cutting Boards) is considered to be unmatched with our unique blend of utility and artistry.

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