About Us

DATTARAY LANE strives to deliver high quality, customized wood products to consumers and businesses alike. Our quick turnaround time, ability to create custom designs, and versatility in product creation is what sets us apart from the pack. It's not often that a skilled woodworker and a professional designer team up to collaborate. You won't find products like ours anywhere else! If you don't find anything to your taste in our shop, please feel free to reach out to us with a custom order or idea. We enjoy our craft and love to make the intangible tangible.
We are DATTARAY LANE. Woodworker and Designer. 
Dattaray's passion for woodworking began in 2014 while working as an accountant in San Diego. It quickly turned into obsession and within a few months he took on a part-time job as an intermediate woodworking course instructor at MakerPlace in San Diego (where he still teaches today). In 2015, Dattaray formed San Diego Cutting Boards, but it wasn't until a company layoff in mid-2019 that he decided to make a full transition away from accounting and focus on his small business. This endeavor fortunately coincided with meeting Lane, another creative mind coming from a completely separate track.
Lane, a veteran interior designer, has a background in color consultation, designing furniture, working within the tile industry, and was also armed with a wealth of remodeling experience. Added to this diverse arsenal, is an expert level knowledge of 3D modeling and CAD. Dattaray and Lane quickly realized their skills were perfect complements. Lane, with her advanced design skills opened a door to vast possibilities by producing purely original artwork for all requirements and occasions. Dattaray's proficiency in woodworking and laser work allows him to bring Lane's designs to life in a uniquely personalized product. Together, Dattaray and Lane have many ideas for the future and look forward to bringing something new to the marketplace.