our cutting boards

Our boards are handcrafted using naturally colored domestic and exotic wood species with durability in mind. These hardwoods are not only visually striking, but also very dense which results in a cutting surface more scratch resistant than the average store-bought cutting board. Our end grain cutting boards, in particular, can easily last a lifetime of heavy cutting under the proper care. 

Whether you're a professional chef or a weekend cook, we have something for everyone at a price point that can't be beat!  Our shop is constantly being updated with new boards. But if you need something custom made, let us make it a reality! Any color theme, style, and dimension is possible! We can build butcher block table tops up to 4' x 8' with a 3" max thickness. 


We handpick our cutting boards 


We offer free consultations where we explore various price, material, and design options
to help bring your ideas to life.


We create personalized gifts for all occasions with text/picture engravings and inlays.
Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and more.

cutting board types

face grain

Our face grain cutting boards have been especially popular when it comes to gift giving and are ideal for light cutting tasks.


edge grain

Our edge grain cutting boards are perfect for those looking for a durable cutting board option with minimal upkeep. 


end grain

Our end grain cutting boards are designed for every day use and can easily last a lifetime of heavy cutting with the proper care.