Find the perfect coaster for any type of occasion. We have coasters available in a variety of domestic and exotic wood species. Find the perfect gift or if you still can't find what you're looking for we can create a completely custom coaster with any design/logo/text engraved or even inlaid onto the surface. Reach out to us today for your custom quote!

Giraffe Hardwood Coaster from $30.00
Cheetah Hardwood Coaster from $30.00
Zebra Hardwood Coaster from $30.00
Peace & Love Emoji Coasters from $50.00
Muladhara Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Sahasrara Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Ajna Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Svadhishthan Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Anahata Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Vishuddha Chakra Coaster from $20.00
Portrait Engraving on Hardwood $100.00
Aliens $18.00
Texas US Flag Coasters (Set of 4) $25.00
Bernie coaster with Glow-in-the-Dark Inlay from $30.00
Custom Hardwood Coaster from $10.00
Gears Coasters in Hardwood or Plywood from $40.00